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Re: One thing to note on phone cameras

Now that's getting a little closer to how I view the latest phones.  No they do not completely replace my dslr's, but in the past I have owned many small point and shoots that never actually fit in my pocket that have been pretty well replaced by my latest smartphone. Plus the phone is sufficient for much of the things I used by dslr's for in the past.  That makes the big stuff still be a great plaything that I love to use and that has some abilities unattainable in my phone. My hope is though, that enough of these folks starting out with their phone and beginning to enjoy photography in general will maybe become future customers for the dedicated camera manufacturers to bolster up their sales to a point that they continue to exist and develop newer and better equipment. There are certainly many more folks out there today taking and sharing photos on a daily basis than at anytime in my life. Smartphones are reviving photography in general, that's a good thing no matter how much you hate them.

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