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One thing to note on phone cameras

Whenever this discussion, or one similar to it comes up, the OP is talking about a state-of-the-art smartphone, but many respondents are thinking of and referring to phones that are not state-of-the-art. 2-3 years makes a big difference!

I had an LG G6 android phone last time. It was state-of-the-art when it was new. It was one of the first to add an ultrawide lens. It was amazing to me at the time. Images from it with the standard processing looked better to me than ones from my dedicated camera, at least on the small screen and without zooming. I actually shot the photos with that ultrawide lens that sold my last house with it; the realtor was amazed. I DID miss having a telephoto, at times, though.

A few months ago, I upgraded to an iPhone 12 Pro. It has the standard ~28 mm wide angle, an ultrawide (shows a lot of distortion though) and a ~50 mm "telephoto" lens. Additionally, the software's computational processing is just awesome. Most of the time, it knows exactly what I'm trying to do. For example, this morning I took a pic of a shelf of cameras. It's "flash" (LED) was set to Auto. I thought sure it would come on. It didn't. I forced it on and shot it again. When I looked back, the one I shot with the flash on Auto was just as good, and without glare. (it didn't fill in the shadows like the LED did) It had used about a 1.5 sec shutter speed, implemented some kind of software anti-shake algorithm, along with probably a bit of HDR as well. It KNEW that what I was shooting was stationary, and a long shutter speed + IS would be OK. The ~50 mm lens means that I can get close-ups of small things now without the wide angle perspective distortion that was common when I only had a ~28mm and wider.

My point is that some folks here who put down smartphone cameras should try the state-of-the-art phone cameras now and then, to keep their perspective up-to-date. Try to be open-minded.

To me, in short, phones and their software are getting better at an alarming rate. Money is (almost) no object when developing them. I don't think images from them will ever satisfy all of us connoisseurs, just like point & shoot cameras never fully satisfied photographers back in the film days, even though they were getting better and better over time.

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