Viltrox 56 1.4 and 85 1.8 worth it compared to 50 2.0

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Re: Viltrox 56 1.4 and 85 1.8 worth it compared to 50 2.0

I have had all three of these at one time or another in addition to the Viltrox 23mm 1.4 and the 50-140.
The best portrait lens I have? The 90mm f2!

My current prime line up is the Viltrox 23mm, XF 50mm and XF 90mm so as you can guess I either returned or sold on the other lenses.

The thing to consider with the 85/90mm focal length is you really have to WANT to shoot at that as it’s not a very versatile length.

To cut to the chase I would vote for the 50 f2. It has blindingly fast AF and is sharp as a tack even wide open and the micro contrast is superb which just adds to the sharpness and clarity.

The two Viltrox lenses were ‘meh’ for me. Very good lenses but not spectacular. That being said only because I got the 90mm f2 for a very good price (used) I may still have the 85mm. Sharpness wise the Viltrox and Fuji lenses were much of a muchness but I did find the 90mm gave just a little better contrast and colour fidelity.

The Viltrox 23mm almost lives on my X-S10 as it is a great walk about/family combo and I regularly bring it to weddings and other events. I certainly don’t think the added cost of the Fuji 23mm is anywhere near justifiable for all the improvement that it may (or may not) bring.

As for the 50-140, I owned two copies of that and both were absolute lemons for me so I won’t be trying that again. In my brief usage of it I found it versatile and it does cover a good range but I would sacrifice that versatility for the 50 and 90 f2 lenses in a heartbeat. Both those lenses combined are lighter and smaller than the 50-140, are faster and have better AF. Admittedly I’m lucky to have two bodies so I can run both lenses simultaneously.

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