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I can't do it

When I travel these days, it is always a special occasion that is worth documenting with a real camera, and often, a film camera. (I like having physical originals for family stuff) I want a fast lens, a big sensor and optical telephoto.

My compromise to make it travel-friendly lately has been to bring my Micro Four Thirds camera and a couple lenses. Yes, you will sometimes notice it is not as good as full frame, but you will also notice that if you need to crop into an image (which will happen a lot more often with a phone photo that doesn't have an optical telephoto) the result is a LOT better.

Here is an example of a very compact, yet capable kit:

  • Olympus E-M10.3 body
  • Panasonic 12-60 f/3.5-5.6 lens (24-120 eq.)
  • Olympus 9 mm f/8 body cap fisheye lens (18 mm eq.)
  • Extra battery
  • Small Case Logic holster bag from Target
  • (If I'm feeling wild) Olympus 17/1.8 for low light. (34 mm eq.)

The phone manufacturers know that the camera and its software are important to the customers. It was one thing that set a smart phone apart from a dumb phone, back in the day... They know what most people like in a photo: sharpening, over-saturation, HDR, etc. They also know how to make these photos look great on phone screens. They know the images don't have to hold up that well to scrutiny when viewed large.

Bottom Line - Try it on a low-stakes local trip that you can redo if you need to. See if you miss anything. Look at your photos as critically later as you would if you'd shot them with a camera.

Please bookmark this thread and come back and bump this thread to let us know how it panned out!

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