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Mark B. wrote:

No. Canon has made it about as obvious as they can without actually putting out a press release that there will be no more DSLRs developed. Mirrorless is what they are doing now. Whether not there will be a Mirrorless APS-C remains to be seen.

If this is true, they are mad. Stark, raving mad. SLR lovers are standing around with money in their pockets waiting for things to buy. No 7D III, no 5D V, what were they thinking?

I'm an examp0le. I used to spend a fortune on cameras and lenses. These last few years, I've spent that same money on musical instruments because there aren't any nice  cameras to buy that I haven't already got (yes, I tried an R for a year- it was awful), and only one lens I particularly  fancy (the 400 DO/4 - and I'm reluctant to buy one of those when I Canon won't guarantee production of bodies to suit it for its expected working life). Multiply me by the thousands upon thousands of others out there who are now sitting on their wallets because Canon is too stupid to service a ready market, and we are talking serious money they have walked away from.

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