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Redhenry wrote:

timoteotresgatos wrote:

I can't put up with the weight and longer when traveling by foot. I walked all over Rome and other Italian cities with my D7000, a 4" long 24-70 eq. zoom, and camera bag over my shoulder from breakfast until we got back to the hotel after dinner every day for two weeks. I ended up with a stripe across my back from the camera bag and the imbalance of weight of camera and carry-ons caused caused me to slide down and escalator on my back. Never again.

It seems like the vast majority of responses have been, "get a compact camera and re-think the phone only idea".

My phone is a new and takes good pictures so far, can so raw+jpg, and does really good HDR for when I'm shooting in harsh light. I guess I can use a compact camera for travel and use the phone as backup or for special situations when it's needed. I guess the simplicity of a pocketable camera that weighs ounces appeals to me.

With respect to the various responders here, I think the people who said that phone pictures are OK for snaps but nothing else might not be quite up to date. There’s a landscape picture from Robert J 498 of Lake Michigan on the iOS forum taken on an iPhone 11Pro and it’s great. Yes, I know it won’t compare with a billion megapixel full-frame Nikon). The reviews of the new iPhone 13 Pro are very positive. I’ve banged on about it here and there in these forums but Ken Rockwell’s review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is quite an eye-opener. I have just sold my recently acquired Panasonic FZ300 to MPB - it’s a good camera but, frankly, requires too much work and thought to get decent results. I will be ordering an iPhone 13 Pro next week, so will definitely be using just that for any future holidays.

I am not disagreeing with you, I agree with everything you say here. We're all perhaps talking over each others heads and being a little pedantic.....I know I am.

What I was trying to convey was rather, that any phone camera worth mentioning will always be good at the time around when it was released. I remember I thought the iPhone 6 images were amazing. You also compare any phone to cameras of the same time AND how far the quality has come in phone cameras. You actually evaluate the phone biased, comparing them to how you remember the quality being. In normal cameras, we've been used to pretty great quality for a time now so it's mostly nitpicking.

IF it is something special, say a hike, holiday or event that doesn't come by very often. It is always worth the extra quality, cost and weight, IF it is feasible. Those images are the ones you will want to use 10 years down the line. That 2 day hike you had so many of, perhaps not as important. The reason is the extra flexibility you have with those images. But also the medium you will use to display those images. Those iPhone 6 images looked great on a 13" laptop and my 24" 1080p monitor. They DON'T look as good on my 27" 4K. The pocket camera and the DSLR I had at the time, though not top of the line, looks so much better today. Sometimes, it makes me sad (but I will persevere hehe).

So far in history, the quality of an image captured is static. The tech used to capture and reproduce always evolve. Eventually, you will look at those iPhone 6 images with something that makes it look worse than you remember.

We will PERHAPS (most likely) get upscaling 8K picture-frames like we did with Bluray doing DVD's....but we might not.

All I am saying is even if mobile phones have become amazing, until we get closer to some sort of equilibrium, is it not advisable to take some precautions for the future? Look at it like a form of insurance.

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