Lightning Triggers... Looking for Recommendations

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Re: Lightning Triggers... Looking for Recommendations

G'day Mike

From what I have heard, many of the lightning triggers are hit and miss and often don't fire when there is a strike.

I am told the best way is to set your camera on a tripod and set it to shutter priority and adjust your settings to have a suitable shutter speed - I was told 5 to 6 seconds.

Have the camera set at continuous shutter release and have a remote trigger where you can get it to hold the trigger button down. That way the camera takes a continuous sequence of 6 second shots until you stop it or the card gets full. If the lightning happens during that time, you are likely to get it. You will have to delete an awful lot of non-lightning shots though.

I have not used the technique for lightning shots (don't get many storms here), but I have used this technique for fire work displays (see here). That way I can sit back and enjoy the display and let the camera fire away and then edit later rather than sit and watch and hit the trigger whenever I think things are about to be a highlight.



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