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Re: G550 too

techie takes pics wrote:

Keith Cooper wrote:

techie takes pics wrote:

...Having heard nothing but fading inks, I did put some prints out in the sun for a day - without cover, expecting visible fading. Nothing at all.

Stick the print/half covered by a window for a week - permanency testing takes a lot of careful work.

I did the half cover, obviously, but not a week. I will try this!

Make it 4 to 6 months in a south facing window (if you live in the northern hemisphere). Then the accumulated exposure dose starts to become significant. Then there's something to discuss with dye-based inks. Otherwise, saying you saw no fading doesn't impress me much 

And if you really want to up your game, buy a light intensity data logger like this one, and track how much exposure was actually received during the experiment:


The total exposure dose can vary dramatically from one location to another and even from one window to another in one home.



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