Olympus EP5 (not e-pl5) - still worth it?

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Re: Olympus EP5 (not e-pl5) - still worth it?

techie takes pics wrote:

Just got my hands on an EP5.

It's a 2013 camera which has 5-axis ibis (although it needed a firmware update to make it effective); No silent shutter and no viewfinder (it's not a Pen-F).

Still, it's metal built and it has a great retro-look. Supposedly has the same sensor as the original M5-I.

It has 161 clicks and it still has the foil on the LCD.

I know the Pen-F is popular but I had not heard of this model. It feels like a lot of fun - it has two control wheels, an Fn-lever, 4 custom modes programmable on the dial (feature was eventually removed on the M10.III) and 3 freely programmable buttons.

Opinions - rare or common? Is it a tad too old? Great fun?

I and many others here still use the EP5.

It goes well with the smaller primes such as the P20mm f1.7

I think that the EP7 is just a cheap plastic toy whereas the EP1 to EP5, were the top of the Pen line.

BTW, there is no firmware update to make the IBIS "effective". The firmware you are thinking about is for the 0 second delay for the shutter. The camera is rated at 5 stops and it works.

It may have the same sensor as the EM5 I but I believe the processing engine is different. The release sequence was EM5, EPL5, EP5.


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