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Re: Here's an example of my point about flattening.

gordonpritchard wrote:

Horacecoker wrote:

gordonpritchard wrote:

Horacecoker wrote:

I am a PS user and have never needed to flatten layers to save as a jpeg. I would have thought that anybody who has recently updated PS would know it was obvious what the OP's problem was.

Okay, some screen shots:

Top image has two layers. Note that the save menu does not include jpg option while the flattened image below allows saving as a jpg.

You can search about layers in jpgs to confirm that jpgs don't support layers.

I never said anything about jpegs supporting layers.

If your experience is different then please show us how to save a layered image in jpg format.

Of course, saving a PSD or raw file as a jpeg doesn't retain the layers, what a silly thing to say.

Here's a screengrab of using the Save As option of a layered PSD file as a jpeg without flattening the layers.

As I originally wrote, the OP should make sure that their image is flattened before saving as jpg.

Perhaps the OP will tell us what his problem was as I'm 99.9% certain it was the Photoshop undate and nothing whatsoever to do with layers.

"Save As" does not let me save the layered image as a jpg.

"Save a Copy" Allows me to save the image as a jpg because PShop flattens a copy of the layered image.

The OP wrote: "After I make my merged image, I go to “save as” and in the output menu I would see jpeg and save it as a jpeg. Recently, (last week), when I went to the output menu I only had 4 options (Photoshop, Large Document Format, Photoshop PDF and TIFF). "

That says to me that the OP merged the images into one. He didn't have jpg as a "save as" option because, although merged, it wasn't flattened as far as PShop was concerned. If the OP flattened the image as I suggested the jpg option would have been available. Alternatively the OP could have chosen to "Save a Copy" and PShop would allowed the jpg option and PShop would have done the flattening behind the scenes and saved the image as a jpg.

But you are completely ignoring the fact that a recent Photoshop update will only show these reduced saving options whether you flatten the image or not. This same update had me baffled at first and probably thousands of other PS users. The fix is easy and has been explained in this thread.

Have you actually read the other replies?

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