13 Pro Max vs 12 Pro Max Night Mode

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Re: 13 Pro Max vs 12 Pro Max Night Mode

Redhenry wrote:

Thanks very much for these. I’ve looked at most of them using the 100% facility. I’ve discovered during my time on DPR that I am much less critical of image quality than many people but I can see a definite difference between the 12 and 13. To me, the pics from the 13 have a little more ‘pop’ at normal viewing size on my iPad and at 100%, they are a little crisper. I did look for the processing differences you mentioned but can’t really say that I spotted anything. I think it comes down to what sort of ‘look’ you like your pics to have and these iPhone images certainly look good to me. Looking forward to my 13 Pro!

The highlight clipping and darker shadows on 13 is easiest to see on photo set 1, 5, and 8.

In set 1, notice the pharaoh's face, the orange arch of Capital screen room, and the drapery-like cladding above the concession stand to the right are all clipped on 13 but preserved on 12

In set 5, the red brickwork on the building and in set 8 the building above McDonald's are all exposed less on 13 vs 12

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