Case for iPhone 13 Pro

Started Sep 29, 2021 | Questions thread
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Tried a few, no winners

I am having a hard time finding one I like.  Amazon is probably going to cut me off soon as I keep returning them.

ESR Cloud Soft Case = nice fit and protection, but slippery and lint magnet.  Not bad, though.

Tozo thin case = too slippery and buttons are flush resulting in not being able to find buttons by touch.  Also not much protection (which I was OK with for some uses)

Apple brand expensive Leather case = Outstanding fit and feel, but the bottom corners pop off in my pocket.  Have to continually pop phone back in case.  Worry if I dropped it, the corners would be popped off and not protect phone. Not acceptable on a $60 case.

Spigen Thin Fit = this is the one I kept, but I don't love it.  The camera lip is too tall and a little sharp.  Can be uncomfortable if your fingers rest there (which they will given the monster bump). And it makes it feel thicker in pocket.   And the ridge around the screen is a little uncomfortable.

I have apple care, so given the difficulty find a good case, I am tempted to just go caseless and get it repaired for $29 if I drop it.  The flat sides and back on the 13 pro are not as slippery as the rounded ones from my 11 pro max.   But with that big camera bump, I am afraid to just casually set my phone down on the table without a case.  I tried going caseless for a couple days and it's a bit stressful.

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