Olympus FL-LM3 on Panasonic bodies

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Re: Olympus FL-LM3 on Panasonic bodies

Canon 64 wrote:

Some if the lenses and flashguns although they work in some modes Panasonic uses a different TTL system to Panasonic

If you want full control of your camera to lens or flash information you must stick to the the same camera name

ie Panasonic to Panasonic

AND Olympus to Olympus

It similar to fitting old screw thread (M,42 ) lenses via an adapter they do not work properly

If you bought a Panasonic Flash sell or trade it in for an Olympus Flashgun that way you won't have any issues

Luckily I bought a FL36 R flash from FaceBook Marketplace only a mile from where I live which was never used although this is an older model everything works perfectly and this lucky sod got it for £25 The flash had the case hot shoe base stand and even the instructions and warrantee card it was never used full TLL and Remote Control to My OMDE - 10 MK 4

You should look at older flash units as they will do most of what new units does hence the reason for grabbing The FL,35 R when I did

nic to Panasonic

Well, it looks to me like you did not read the entire thread.

Olympus AND Panasonic use the SAME protocols (TTL as you put it). All m4/3 Panasonic and Olympus flashes are the same in that regard.

This particular flash (FL-LM3) has an extra plastic tab on the foot to preserve the weather seal on the Olympus camera body. It is this tab that prevents the flash from working properly on some Panasonic bodies. Removing the tab allows the flash to work on Panasonic bodies.

There is NOT an electrical issue regarding protocol, however, as the flash is powered from the camera, the camera has to supply the power via the "4th pin". Not all Olympus or Panasonic cameras have that "4th pin".

Currently, there are no alternatives to the FL-LM3 from Panasonic or anybody else for that matter.

The FL-LM3 is very small, has Tilt and Swivel abilities and is weather sealed. Please tell us of another like it.

The FL36 was designed for the 4/3 system and NOT m4/3 and is nothing like the FL-LM3.


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