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Re: Here's an example of my point about flattening.

gordonpritchard wrote:

Horacecoker wrote:

Q-ball wrote:

gordonpritchard wrote:

Q-ball wrote:

gordonpritchard wrote:

It may look flattened to you but might not be to PShop.

So, first check your layers to make sure that your image is actually "flattened" before saving.

I would be very surprised if Photoshop requires an image to be flattened manually before you can save it as a jpeg.

In Photoshop Elements you can certainly save a multi-layer image directly as a jpeg without having to first manually flatten the image.

But of course when you re-open the saved jpeg into PSE it comes in as a single background layer.

And yet it has done that to me at least.

ok I'm not a Photoshop user so I don't know why it would do that.

I am a PS user and have never needed to flatten layers to save as a jpeg. I would have thought that anybody who has recently updated PS would know it was obvious what the OP's problem was.

Okay, some screen shots:

Top image has two layers. Note that the save menu does not include jpg option while the flattened image below allows saving as a jpg.

You can search about layers in jpgs to confirm that jpgs don't support layers.

I never said anything about jpegs supporting layers.

If your experience is different then please show us how to save a layered image in jpg format.

Of course, saving a PSD or raw file as a jpeg doesn't retain the layers, what a silly thing to say.

Here's a screengrab of using the Save As option of a layered PSD file as a jpeg without flattening the layers.

As I originally wrote, the OP should make sure that their image is flattened before saving as jpg.

Perhaps the OP will tell us what his problem was as I'm 99.9% certain it was the Photoshop undate and nothing whatsoever to do with layers.

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