Current State-of-the-Art in SPP Processing Alternatives?

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Re: Current State-of-the-Art in SPP Processing Alternatives?

stansbca wrote:

I have now processed 360 photos using X3F Tools + DNG Converter + Lightroom. With very very few exceptions (basically super blown out highlights going a bit green in maybe 3-4 pictures), the results were absolutely superb. This is a much more pleasant way to work on larger jobs and I thank everyone involved.

I will still be seeking an alternative to Lightroom (I ended my free trial today), because it's way too expensive for an amateur who only does a "large" job once or twice per year and because I find Adobe's business practices abhorrent. If I figure anything out, I'll post it here.

Basically my flow. I like it because I just think LR is a good tool even if Adobe's new model isn't to my taste.

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