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Re: ICC profile plus a curve?

dRomano wrote:

Thanks Mark, good to know that. As you know, the tough thing is that it can get hard to manage all of it, especially when using different papers, let alone different printers. You're right about not every image needing the same curve. For me, the biggest difference is on matte rag paper and esp between color and bw images. As you suggested, one pitfall to the linearization method, though sound, is that there's going to be a compromise made because the print L* is never 0 or 100, so the values need to either get scaled or crushed. I scale them. And of course this is worse on matte papers. And maybe my spectro or white standard is old, or maybe it's the obas throwing it off, or....etc.

With life being hard enough as it is, I decided not to get into i1profiler advanced settings too much. I set saturation to +40 based on some things I read. Does it make a difference, I'm not really sure lol.

i1P has a preset called "colorful" It pushes both the contrast setting to +40 and the saturation setting to +40. And yes, one gets a profiles with a more "vivid" response, but it comes at the expense of L* accuracy. For some images with very subtle hue gradients that L* accuracy is really needed, so the colorful preset can cause some banding in some images, but it's rare. Many folks like this "colorful" preset.

I haven't done much experimentation with adjusting saturation, but my guess is that it will also favor colorfulness at the expense of L* accuracy even if you use default contrast setting.  A steeper and slightly darker midtone tone TRC helps boost saturation, but it would also be giving you more deviation away from what you were looking for in the baseline tone curve.

That said, using additional curves to correct the image response is a totally viable approach, or you might just try backing down on your chosen saturation setting in i1P. Saturation setting = 0 is the default slider setting. 40 is pretty strong!

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