Where has this obsession with comparison come from ?

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Re: Where has this obsession with comparison come from ?

One might notice that on DPR more time is spent comparing gear than photos.

Lots of people here love that gear, perhaps even more than the images that it produces. Nothing wrong with that; most all the people here are at most good photographers, not great ones, and we recognize that.

And the site is mostly about gear news, so it attracts those looking for purchasing info; it should really be called Digital Photography Gear Review; it's not an art forum.

There are always lots of car analogies here, and with good reason since there are lots of similarities. One is that far more people love high performance vehicle than ever perform at a high level in those same vehicles. Most Ferraris don't hit a track, most big ol' mall crawlers don't see much dirt. It doesn't change that people enjoy the equipment, and whole businesses are built up around comparing and arguing about the merits of that equipment by people who won't even own much of it. At least cameras are more affordable than Lambos (well, usually...  ). Gear fetishes usually crop up in any subculture where gear is unique to that group, so no surprises it's prevalent on this site and others.

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