New Z9 teaser, shows new tilt screen.

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Re: New Z9 teaser, shows new tilt screen.

What I see in the vid :
1. Rear LCD screen is flip out in both horizontal and vertical like Fujifilm screens. This is not a fold out twist to front facing screen.
2. The data overlay on the rear LCD flips when the camera moves from landscape to portrait ordination. My Z7 II doesn’t do that. Nice
3. There are no buttons on RHS top plate beside the OLED screen. Weird blank real estate.
4. Buttons along the bottom below the LCD panel are: LAN (Ind Lamp), Mic, QUAL, WB. There’s a label for MIC next along beside actual Mic hole.
5. The playback button moves to the RHS of the camera below the menu button.
6. The LHS top panel has the traditional D5/D6 type drive control with S, L, H etc. The top of this knob has 4 inset buttons for MODE, FLASH, BRKT, and something else.
7. Below the drive knob on the top LHS rear are two buttons: Lock and Trash. The trash has dual function for formatting cards in combo with another button (as on previous DSLRs, but dropped on Z6/7. The Lock button is also Func 4.
8. That’s it for now. No other clues.

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