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Re: Try this first

Horacecoker wrote:

Q-ball wrote:

gordonpritchard wrote:

Q-ball wrote:

gordonpritchard wrote:

It may look flattened to you but might not be to PShop.

So, first check your layers to make sure that your image is actually "flattened" before saving.

I would be very surprised if Photoshop requires an image to be flattened manually before you can save it as a jpeg.

In Photoshop Elements you can certainly save a multi-layer image directly as a jpeg without having to first manually flatten the image.

But of course when you re-open the saved jpeg into PSE it comes in as a single background layer.

And yet it has done that to me at least.

ok I'm not a Photoshop user so I don't know why it would do that.

I am a PS user and have never needed to flatten layers to save as a jpeg. I would have thought that anybody who has recently updated PS would know it was obvious what the OP's problem was.

I've never had to flatten images in Photoshop Elements either to save to a jpeg.

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