Canyonlands South Needles Area

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mfinley wrote:

bjn70 wrote:

In April my daugher and I went over Elephant Hill back into the needles area and camped one night.

Did you hike it or drive it? I have only hiked that road. Back then it was always touted as one of the hardest 4X4 roads in Utah, but from what I hear they have poured concrete in places and made it much less challenging.

About 15 years ago my daughter and I hiked it.  We started at the trailhead parking area, hiked south around Chesler Park, through the Joint Trail and back to the parking lot on the Jeep road.  March of this year we drove the road in my Jeep and camped one night at Devils Kitchen.  It is a difficult road for the best stock 4WD vehicles, but there are substantially harder trails around Moab that you would only attempt in a highly modified 4WD vehicle.  You see a few small locations where concrete has been added, it appears to fill in some holes.  It's not like they changed it into a paved road.  There are some very steep sections that I didn't even think a motorized vehicle would climb, there are very tight switchbacks, one is even so tight that a vehicle cannot turn, you have to drive one section of the switchback in reverse.

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