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Re: M1 Mac Mini now or wait...

Chris B. wrote:

I've had my late 2011 13" MBP since June of 2012 when I left the Windows world, It's basically used as a processor box, since I use an external display, mouse, keyboard and storage drives. While it continues to perform well, since I added a 1DX Mark III, it's become incredibly ponderous to process Canon .cr3 raw files. I use the last purchasable version of Photoshop, CS6. After thinking long and hard about upgrading, I've decided on a M1 16GB Mac Mini. I know I'll have to upgrade to Adobe's subscription PS, and get a new dock for my drives and peripherals. After seeing the Mini during a visit to the Apple store a couple of days ago, I was getting ready to pull the trigger when I heard someone mention that Apple was going to announce the next generation shortly.

Wait! You don't have to wait long for the M1X Mini (or whatever it will be called) or even the M2, both of which will provide more options than the M1 which is essentially a 'starter processor', though a very good one.

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