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Re: Actually a G550 turns up ;-)

Keith Cooper wrote:

Mark McCormick wrote:

Keith Cooper wrote:

...I've just been printing a few profiling targets and the Mac ColorSync Utility does let me select 'Print as Target'

There are a lot of media settings in the print dialog

This is from my old PowerBook running 10.13 (and I'm using CS6)

Anyone wanting to know how it works on a new Mac, will have to send me one

Serendipity. Apple broke the ColorSync utility "print as target" feature in OS10.14 (Mojave). It worked great in 10.13 (High Sierra). I'm still on Mojave, so I don't know if more recent OS versions have fixed it. But you're good to go with 10.13!

I guess I will just have to plunk down some hard earned cash to buy a G620 when it becomes available here in the USA again and hope Canon has worked with Apple to get a more advanced ColorSync option back into the AirPrint driver. It's always one step forward, two steps back with color management!

Thanks for that - I not long ago updated my even older MacPro to 10.14 and had not used it for any profiling printing.

Does the Adobe Utility work on 10.14? How about printing directly from I1Profiler?

Just curious about target printing for 10.14 (and newer)

Adobe Color Printer Utility does produce the intended "no color adjust" outcome in Mac OS10.14, at least with typical Epson, Canon, and HP drivers. I don't know about AirPrint. But ACPU has an annoying scaling issue that makes the target I routinely use clip some identifying text in the target slightly on letter-size or A4 paper, so I don't use it. I haven't tested i1Profiler. It may work, but in this situation, even if it works with a proper Canon or Epson driver, I'm not sure what it would do with AirPrint.

My preferred approach for no color adjust target printing is to use the classic null transform method with PSCC even though for some reason Adobe advises against this in the PS printer dialog box when you assign the same profile for both source and destination. Adobe probably thinks too many folks would not be able to set up the null transform method correctly.  I ignore the warning, and it works like a charm.

I assign "Generic RGB profile" to the target image, and I select "PS manages colors" and again select "Generic RGB profile" as the destination profile. The ColorSync dialog gets correctly grayed out in the printer driver. Scaling and placement of the image on the page is correct. The colors values flow through the printer pipeline correctly as "no color adjustment" data.

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