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Re: Actually a G550 turns up ;-)

Keith Cooper wrote:

.... My first disappointment is that it's an 'AirPrint' driver on the Mac - works though

2nd - no ICC profiles whatsoever, so it looks as if the iSis and i1Profiler will earn its keep

Doesn't work with Canon print layout software, which is a pity since it is easy to use, but not unexpected.

Print quality of the profiling targets looks good though...

The range of paper sizes looks very good too.

I just attempted to use AirPrint to drive a Canon Pro-100. Compared to the available Canon driver, AirPrint seems to lose all ColorSync ability. Very stripped down functionality with just a couple of generic media settings, too. If AirPrint is handling a color managed pipeline behind the scenes, I see no way to apply a custom ICC profile.

Going to the Canon USA website for the G620, there is indeed no Canon driver listed for the G620 megatank printer, which means Mac users appear to be stuck with the AirPrint driver.

Please enlighten us if you can get AirPrint to accept your custom profiles and also, how you've managed to get a color target to print with no color adjustment using the AirPrint driver on a Mac. Looks to me like AirPrint is too stripped down for custom ICC profile usage.

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