2.8/70-200 G SSMII won't focus anymore

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Re: 2.8/70-200 G SSMII won't focus anymore

emilyz wrote:

Marco Cinnirella wrote:

What did the OP decide to do ?

Unfortunately SSM motors fail and it sounds like this may be the case with the OP's lens. And sadly parts are either not available for these a-mount lenses or the prices quoted are extortionate.

There are options as others have said. The Tamron 70-200 f2.8 is very sharp as has been discussed.

Also, the venerable Minolta 80-200 HS G f2.8 lens is a total BEAST - all-metal, no SSM motor to go wrong, super-sharp with beautiful bokeh and colors - it replaced my Tamron 70-200 and I could not be happier with it on my a99 and a99ii

Gave up on the repair -- at least for now -- since the price Photo Tech quoted (almost all for parts) exceeded the value of the lens. Still scratching my head what to do next.

Incidentally, the exorbitant quote was explained by the need to replace the entire front assembly, not just the focusing motor. They pointed to a tiny dent on the front of the barrel (visible only upon very careful inspection with a 10x magnifier) as indication that the barrel may be out of round. They wouldn't disassemble the lens to check further before I commit to the expensive repair.

I think repair shops have to be this paranoid about repairs. If they replace only the part that's causing it not to focus, but the result is some sort of degraded performance (tilt, decentered, back focus, etc) then they end up getting into a battle with the customer about whether this is new behavior and whether it should have been corrected by the repair.

You could try your own repair. I think this is the part that's responsible for focus, but I am not positive. https://sony.encompass.com/item/9649794/Sony/4-416-950-01/

Or auction it as-is/for-parts...

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