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Gesture wrote:

I believe that of all the 100 percent cotton double sided matte papers: Moab Entrada, Red River Aurora, two of many: including Canon, Freestyle Sales.

If the paper is Natural White: No OBAs.

If the paper is Bright White: OBAs present.

As a general guideline, I agree with you. A paper marketed as "Bright white" more than likely has moderate to high OBA content. A paper marketed as "natural white" more than likely has very little or no OBA content, and if it does have a low amount of OBAs it's in the paper core not in the coatings, thus more protected from light or ozone induced burnout.

Muddying this general rule somewhat can be found in framing and matting materials. I've seen conservation matte board called "bright white" that actually has no OBAs, and other matte board merely labeled "white" or "archival" that has OBAs. A UV LED is your best friend when trying to sort out the OBA content issues in the media you buy.

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