Who Uses a Sling Bag?

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Re: Who Uses a Sling Bag?

Starny wrote:

Ok, I received my Lowepro Slingshot Edge 150 AW yesterday.

This sling bag seems like it will fit all my needs, and then some.

First observations:

1) It seems like you need to load your camera upside-down to use the bag for its intended use, which seems strange. The first pic below is how one would naturally load the camera in the bag. The second photo is how it looks when "slinged" around for shooting.

2) The straps on the front of the back are perfect for attaching my aluminum Manfrotto tripod. However, due to weight, the bag hangs sideways on my back unless the shoulder strap is cinched up hard. It is my opinion that loading this bag up with a tripod, camera, and lens, etc., may be too much weight for comfortable carrying. This has yet to be tested in the field.

Comments appreciated.

I like Lowepro bags and still use a holster type one that I not seen bettered but your first photo explains why I don’t use their bags anymore.  They have no practical adjustment for partitions internally because they only have a few loop strips internally in set positions.  I find that incredibly inflexible.  Fine if it works for your needs but otherwise you are stuck with what Lowepro give you.  For example, I don’t think I’d be happy with all that spare space around the camera body.  I’d want to fill it with soft packing just to stop the camera flopping about.

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