Canyonlands South Needles Area

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Re: Canyonlands South Needles Area

I have read that there are 4wd "roads" into the Maze area.

I'll be there in a week!

There are 4WD roads in all 3 districts- Needles, Island and Maze.  In April my daugher and I went over Elephant Hill back into the needles area and camped one night.  In a week we're doing the white rim trail in the Island area and camping one night, then we drive down the Flint Trail into the Maze area and we'll stay there 2 nights.  The maze is one of the most remote places in the US.  From the closest gas station to the campsite and back is over 200 miles, most of which is rough 4WD roads.

The needles area gets plenty of visitors, it isn't slammed like island district is because of its proximity to Arches.

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