Canon Eos R Weather sealing

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Re: Canon Eos R Weather sealing

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Thanks for all the responses.

I don't plan to use it in heavy rain, just the occasional snow shower, drizzle or spray from waterfalls/sea.

Sounds like the Eos R holds up fairly well.

I typed this in on BING:

canon "eos r full weather resistance testing"

And the first result was this:

Canon EOS R Review - Weather Testing (

Not an opinion a real test. Not that opinions don't count.....

it would be a lot easier if manufacturers just gave IP ratings

It would be quite difficult because it would vary based on the lens.

i would have thought the lens and body will be tested would be tested sepretly and the lowest IP number from either the body or lens would be used for that particular combo

And,... vary by how well the photographer puts the lens on the camera.  Or doesn't put a lens or body cap on the camera.

I think they hedge weatherproofing claims because of camera bodies, without lenses on them, that get water in them.  Or any other mistake when installing a lens in poor weather.  Those cameras are then claimed falsely to have leaked just to get free replacement.

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