LR deleting files after import

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Re: LR deleting files after import

davidedric wrote:

dwight3 wrote:

davidedric wrote:

dwight3 wrote:

Sounds as if the import dialog got changed from "Add" or "Copy" to "Move"

I think this PS is exactly right. I know where the files are going, and it becomes clear if there are any problems like permissions getting in the way.

I like to do things one step at a time, but as you say YMMV

PS: You don't have to import directly into LR. You can just copy the files to your disk and then import them into LR. I think it makes it easier to choose where they get stored, but YMMV.

Move is NOT doing things one step at a time. It's copying, AND deleting. If there's any problem with the copying, the deleting will be a real problem.

One step at a time would be (1) copy; (2) verify; (3) delete (reformat the card).

Not sure what your point is. "Move" using the operating system, which I agree is actually copying, then various options on what you do with the images on the card. One step at a time, anyway.

The point is that if you use move from the card to the computer, it copies to the computer and deletes the file from the card. IF the copy doesn't work correctly, you wind up with trash on the computer and the card file was deleted so you have nothing.

To be safe, copy, verify, THEN delete. Don't try to do it all in one step. It usually works but it's not secure.

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