200 F2 which TC?

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Re: 200 F2 + TC? All Work Well, With My 200/2 VR.

All of the current-production Nikon Tele-Converters perform VERY well on the 200/2 VR. I rarely actually use TCs on my 200/2 VR, because the balance point is shifted so far forward, due to the weight of the very densely-built 200/2 VR. I captured a few test shots, of a very mundane rock chimney, in the neighborhood, to test the combinations, and doubt that I have kept the images. The chimney has simply been a very convenient test target, half a block away.

I have an AF-S 300/4D, (pre-VR,) which has always performed so very well, that I have never felt much need to use a TC-1.4E III or TC-E17 II on our 200/2 VR, for actual out-and-about shooting. If I needed VR, however, in the ~300mm focal length range, the 200/2 VR, with a 1.4X or 1.7x TC, would be a useful combination.

Since late 2019, when we bought our pre-owned Nikkor 500/4E FL, which balances so much better than a 200/2 VR with any TC, I have only used the 200/2 VR when I specifically wanted to shoot at 200mm.

To be clear, the bare 200/2 VR, on a D700, D850, or D5, is heavy, but its beautifully-captured images are very much worth the trouble. The TC-14E III actually adds very little length, so, the balance shift is not so terribly different different from using the bare lens.

Notably, the camera makes a significant difference. Since adding a D850, in mid-2018, my Tele-Converters have seen relatively little use, as the D850’s images are so “crop-able.” Tele-Converters make more sense if using a 12MP to ~20MP camera body. I do still use D5 and D4s cameras, so our TC do still have jobs to do. The D4s, especially, seems to “play well” with the AF-S 300/4D, and the TCs.

Sorry about the rambling response, but each point seemed that it might be significant, to future readers.

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