LR deleting files after import

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Re: LR deleting files after import

davidedric wrote:

dwight3 wrote:

Sounds as if the import dialog got changed from "Add" or "Copy" to "Move"

I think this PS is exactly right. I know where the files are going, and it becomes clear if there are any problems like permissions getting in the way.

I like to do things one step at a time, but as you say YMMV

PS: You don't have to import directly into LR. You can just copy the files to your disk and then import them into LR. I think it makes it easier to choose where they get stored, but YMMV.

Move is NOT doing things one step at a time. It's copying, AND deleting. If there's any problem with the copying, the deleting will be a real problem.

One step at a time would be (1) copy; (2) verify; (3) delete (reformat the card).

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