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Thanks, Mark.

OP: Can't usually get "something for nothing," but there are plenty of fine RC papers if we accept them for what they are.  Epson and, then, Canon seem to have the US market saturated, but I've used the HP RC papers, also, and they are fine.  The names are kind of meaningless.  HP Soft Gloss could be called Luster if it were Canon or Epson.  I don't use an analyzer, but all the brands and the surfaces (Glossy, Semi-Glossy) work the same to me.

Drew Hendrix of Red River appeared on Jose Rodriguez Sunday show recently.  He noted, as in this thread, that there is a small group that actually produce our inkjet papers.  In some cases, the paper substrate of a fine art paper may be processed in one location, then inkjet coated elsewhere by specialists in another plant.  Mark, correct me if I am wrong.

Also, as Mark intimates, we would be great if the major photofinishing that use inkjet printing would use these better papers (the HP rolls he mentioned), but who knows?

Red River achieves economy by the volume of its orders and by buying in huge rolls and doing all the cutting and boxing in the US.

It is interesting to me that Epson paper will say made in Japan.

HP Premium Plus Soft-Gloss in made in Germany.

Outside Red River, the best values I have found are:

*Canon Premium Pro Matte-really nice hand feel and a slight, enhancing texture for a consumer paper, despite the name

*Staples et al double-sided matte paper

*Canon doubled-sided 100 cotton paper (2 weights, Bright and Natural White)

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