Canon's Digest movies and Video snapshots

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Canon's Digest movies

I have used digest movies in my M50.

When you shoot a picture, the camera also saves a 3 second movie.

Imagine you taking a picture of a child running. You will end with a picture and a small movie.

Youtubers do that all the time with an atmos Ninja connected to the camera, to show how the picture was taken. But with digest movie, it happens automatically, inside your camera.

Imagine you taking a picture of a show. You will have a small video of the song being performed at the moment of the shoot, automatically.

Imagine taking a picture on a boat by the beach with seagulls flying around.

Imagine taking a picture of people dancing. Or inside a theme park where a song can be heard of.

Later, at the end of the day, you can play all your digest movies taken throught out the day. Each digest movie ends with a picture being taken.

It is not recommended when people are still making poses (it may look boring).

Before taking a picture, you have to remember that 3 seconds of movie (with sound) are being recorded.

So, you can get a picture and a small movie for keeping your memories.

But be aware pictures are taken in AUTO mode, I mean, you cannot control Aperture or Shutter Speed. But it is not an issue, because the camera is very good at guessing the right settings.

This feature is also available at iPhone. Someone showed me his pictures using this mode once.

All you need to do is to turn the dial and instead of Aperture, Manual, or Time Value, select Digest Movie mode.

That being said, sometimes I took some pictures in digest movies mode and the movies were not recorded. It is not reliable, at least in my camera. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. (maybe because I'm still using firmware 1.0.0 in my M50)

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