So, so confused! (2x extender compatibility) Nikon D70

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Higher MP body the answer?

Barbie Heid wrote:

Hi all!

I'm using a Nikon D70, and I'd really like to invest in a 2x extender (I have a Nikon 55-300mm). But I am soooo confused!

The official Nikon site says 'nope, can't be done', but the majority of the dealers/sellers say it can.

No Nikon TC will work with that lens, but Kenko makes TCs to work with a wide array of lenses. However, even if you could use a third party 2x TC on that lens and camera, the combo wouldn’t autofocus and IQ would be highly compromised.

I'm worried about nuking my sensor/and or motor, as Nikon warns I will. Plus, Nikon says you can't use an extender on any zoom to begin with, but again, the sellers insist I can!

Not true. Examples: Nikon 70-200, 80-400, 200-400, 200-500 and more. However, it is true, in general, that Nikon TCs will only work with a limited number higher quality Nikon primes and zooms.

Like to hear from anyone who's tried it/and or are using one; and can it even be done at all with a zoom lens and a D70?

Thanks so much!

As suggested above, you might be better off with a telephoto lens. Also, what is your budget? The Dx70 was a good camera at the time, but cameras have advanced dramatically since that time.

Consider this. Your camera has only 6.1 megapixels. A Nikon D300 is a much better camera that offers twice the megapixels, basically giving you twice the reach with the same lens. Further, you can purchase a number of inexpensive used Nikon DX bodies in the 16-24 mp range for the price of a 2x TC that would run circles around the D70. By that I mean faster focusing, faster frame rate, better high ISO performance, much brighter viewfinder, etc. Just a thought.


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