Mac software replacement for Aperture [esp DAM]

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Re: Mac software replacement for Aperture [esp DAM]

Unless something has changed, Mylio can act as a viewer for Photos images but when used in this way (no duplication of the images) it has very little access to metadata. My Photos images are heavily keyworded, but Mylio cannot read them. Their support folks indicated that to access those pre-existing keywords, I would need to export the images from Photos and then import them into Mylio. This approach was not of interest to me because (a) it would create further duplicate copies of my Photos images, and (b) there is no sync or updating. So it would be a snapshot of the images I have in Photos currently, but would not include the images I take and keyword in future - I’d have to periodically export new batches of images and them import them into Mylio. Or set up some kind of auto-export into a folder that Mylio watches, I suppose. But I have no desire to duplicate all of my camera roll images just to allow searching in Mylio. It would be great if their marketing people were a bit more transparent on this point. I did see this note on their site when I checked just now:

  • Metadata added in the Apple Photos application are specific to Apple Photos and are not available for Mylio to import automatically. Instead, see the other tabs in this support article for exporting your images to include this metadata. This includes modified dates, added keywords, face tags, descriptions, etc…

For me there was no value in just being able to view Photos images in Mylio - I need to be able to find specific images on the basis of keywords. So for me, is easier to just continue searching my Photos images in Photos. For others with different use cases, the Photos integration may be more useful.

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