Loose Foot mount on Nikon 500mm pf

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Re: Loose Foot mount on Nikon 500mm pf

As in many companies today, your interface into Nikon service is through a "script reader", though less likely so with NPS membership, but I wouldn't know about that. Having a technical conversation with such a person is not going to happen and they probably wouldn't know the difference between a Phillips, JIS or straight slot screw. Like you, I'd deal with this myself.

I am curious, though, both with you and the OP of this thread, there seems to be an aversion to using Loctite...what's with that? You have a problem with your screws backing out for whatever reason, Loctite solves the problem, period, end of story. Why would you not use it? If you use the Blue Loctite, with the proper JIS screwdriver, you can always remove the screws/plate. The only reason I can see that ever being necessary would be from buggering up the threads in the 1/4-20 section and having to replace the whole piece.

Personally, I'm surprised that Nikon didn't use a threadlocker on these screws to begin with. On any of the Dell laptops I've owned, ALL the small screws that hold the case together have blue threadlocker on them and I've never had an issue removing ANY of them...with the proper screwdriver, of course. And on that note, in the OP's photo, you can see that 3 of the screws have already been damaged, likely by the use of the wrong screwdriver and excessive torque.

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