A point about the DSLR/.vs./MIRRORLESS

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Canceling a so called “cancel” is just a cancel. Unfortunately “F vs Z” is taking on some of the character of “C vs N”.

I am currently a dual system user. The representation here in both bodies and lenses is 1:1 (Z:F).

All of the lenses are superb tools that extend the capability envelope in some unique direction. I acquired as many in F mount this year as as I did on the Z side; it’s significant that none of the F’s have counterparts in the Z line at this time. A good tool is a good tool and my three FtZ adapters do not terrify me.

I know I’ll be using Z equipment and some of the F lenses 5 years from now. When it comes to F bodies, my confidence currently extends out to the 2 year time frame.

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