Why this guy shoots a Nikon Z7II for landscapes

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Re: Why this guy shoots a Nikon Z7II for landscapes

Lance B wrote:

syberman7 wrote:

Lance, he sold all his Nikon gear and bought a Sony A1 I'm afraid. See his more recent videos.

That's quite strange, considering how much he said he loved the Nikon output over his Sony output, and Canon for that matter. I mean he isn't a bird photographer and doesn' t need the AF tracking or whatever and he states the Nikon 24-70 f2.8S was better, the best 24-70 f2.8 out there. So it is really quite a bizarre decision.

I guess this is why I generally loathe youtubers and generally do not link them on here as they sway with the wind. I thought this guy sounded genuine and different but I should have known better.

I think his business was developing more in the video area, and his business partners were using Sony. Still, I found the whole thing pretty annoying because his views changed so suddenly. Its easy come easy go in the youtube world.

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