13 Pro Max vs S21 camera test comparison

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Re: 13 Pro Max vs S21 camera test comparison

Bob A L wrote:

Peiasdf wrote:

I don't trust reviews from Max Tech.

1. the channel is very Apple focused and some of the reasons why they dislike a non-Apple product (outside of camera) just doesn't make sense.

2. they are literally comparing two 12mp photos on a 16" MacBook Pro screen. No 100% and not even full screen. You can only compare exposure, WB, and maybe DR at that zoom size

That's as big as smartphone photos are generally ever used or viewed. They are not evaluating a Hasselblad.

Factual, but if you are doing a blind test with 2 testers, shouldn't you go above and beyond the bare minimum? There is argument for just comparing 640*640 cat photos if we go by the "most common use" rule

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