Replace aging MBP with iPad Pro for Travel?

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Re: Replace aging MBP with iPad Pro for Travel?

acnomad wrote:

I've been traveling with a 15" MBP (mid-2015) which is in need of retirement. I also carry an even older iPad mini which largely serves as a giant iPod at this point. I do a fair amount of post in LR and PS on the MBP while traveling and use a portable SSD to backup on the go, reconciling all via GoodSync to a Mac mini M1 each time I return home. I am trying to become a bit more agile (i.e., lighten my carryon bag) going forward. Has anyone who travels frequently migrated from carrying a MBP down to only an iPad Pro? If so, I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I'm sure you've had lots of good advice already, but FWIW here's my two pennorth: I think for the majority of things, the iPad is AOK. The only reservation is if you need to do 'heavy lifting', e.g. using FileMaker or Photoshop then the iPad isn't there yet. On the other hand if you're happy to switch to Affinity Photos, their iPad version is serious stuff and written specially for iPad.

So for 80% (or even more) of what you use the MBP for, the iPad will be fine. Just be aware of the price - the M1 MBA won't weigh significantly more and can be picked up for less money.

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