Do most 35mm film developers in the UK still return negatives?

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Re: Do most 35mm film developers in the UK still return negatives?

(I'm US-based)

I did notice a couple of places that wouldn't return negatives and immediately moved on. My guess is that they're serving either the old hold-outs or film newbies who don't have any way to scan them.

I agree though, I think it's ridiculous.

One of the things I like about film is having an physical, archival original that can't be lost at the click of a button.

Thinking about the previous generations in my family, no one saved negatives until I came along. They'd get the first batch of prints, decide if they wanted enlargements or more prints and once that was done, goodbye negs! Seems incredibly short-sighted to me.

I use Camera Center of York (Pennsylvania). I have them develop & scan my more important rolls. Including return shipping, two rolls was about $35. $4 to develop each roll, $10 to scan & color correct and $5 to return ship the uncut negs.

For color that's not as important, I develop and scan myself. Developing is pretty straightforward with a C-41 kit and a sous vide cooker in a stock pot. Scanning with a simple desktop scanner is fast and easy, too, and it quickly pays for itself. (though if you want better scans, you'll need to use your digital camera and macro lens)

Gonna try slide film soon; I'll probably buy an E-6 kit.

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