Loose Foot mount on Nikon 500mm pf

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Tom Stites
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Re: Loose Foot mount on Nikon 500mm pf

The proper screwdriver for those screws is a JIS #00, just checked that on my own lens.  If the threads are damaged they will likely appear shiny in damaged areas due to the black coating being worn off.

When you tighten the screws, do they turn smoothly and without varying resistance until they contact the foot plate or do they seem to bind at times?  I would remove the plate entirely and make sure there is no dirt or debris between the plate and the collar before reassembling.

Even if you do choose to buy new screws, I'd put a small dab of blue LocTite on all of them as insurance.  Blue can be released with mild heat and the proper screwdriver...proper screwdriver being the operative word here.

Good luck!

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