Replace aging MBP with iPad Pro for Travel?

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Re: Replace aging MBP with iPad Pro for Travel?

acnomad wrote:

  • Apps like Affinity (their iPad version is almost identical to the desktop version) and Adobe software, is used to edit selected files for sharing while in travel. Using Apple pencil makes things a little easier. I don't know about you, but I do most of my serious editing when I go back home on iMac.

I am happy to delay the more thorough editing until I am home, but I am concerned about filehandling of RAWs and especially about having to repeat work that has already been started on the mobile device.

It's a matter of sorting out workflow.

Anything done in Photos, Lr, Affinity, etc will transfer to macOS. It may require manual synching or moving files at worst, since that's often the weak link (literally). It might take some time, but that's balanced by the time you saved doing the edits on the road. I prioritize either images where the Pencil on the iPad Pro is ideal, or sometimes an image from a particular day's shooting where I want to do some processing to get the final result I had in my mind when I shot it, and then use that as an example when editing others later.

And keep backup in mind. Saw a tragic story where I live where a photographer had a couple's entire wedding shoot get stolen when her car was burglarized; seems she was in from out of town doing that and then visited a local landmark notorious for such crime. An iPP is a tempting target, as is a camera.

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