Domke: canvas or nylon?

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Re: Domke: canvas or nylon?

The Grumpy Snapper wrote:

I think most photographers should be using Billingham bags. Then the Domke user has got the shot and moved on while the Billingham user is still getting into their fashion accessory.

Of course, it always possible to be snarky and sarcastic if you can't come up with better reasoning. As the old advice goes: If your reasoning is weak, raise your voice. But FYI (and not misinformation):

Most Billingham bags are as least as easy to get into and work out of from the top as Domke bags if not easier. While I have always needed to use two hands for the hard spring on the Domke metal hooks, the Billingham leather closure strap can be opened and closed with one hand when the leather has softened after one or two weeks use. The buckle on the closure strap can be deceptive for some but it is there only for adjusting the length of the strap, not for opening and closing the bag. Most users like the bags for their properties and not for their "fashion accessory" styling as you put it. Some like their styling (fashionable or not), others don't, which is fair enough. Some also find them too expensive, which is also fair enough (though they last for many years). But most of the Bilingham bags are well thought out and very well made and serve their purpose as camera bags perfectly year in and year out - better than other bags I have had through the years.

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