RX100's and the iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max

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Re: RX100's and the iPhone 13 Pro / Pro Max

adam10 wrote:


The IQ produced by the RX100 series particularly the later models in my opinion is outstanding and all I would ever need. I don't print larger than A3 and the IQ is eminently good enough to produce excellent photobooks and showing images online.

I must admit that I was sceptical about the quality of images which can be produced by iPhones. I have an iPhone 6 and the images that it produces, particularly when viewed in LR, in my opinion are poor.

Enter the iPhone Pro / Pro Max 13. My friend has one. The images are absolutely superb and they allow a fair amount of latitude for processing LR. I am astounded by the IQ ( stills and video ) - All from a phone which can be utilised for many other tasks.

I realise that some view computational photography, as not been photography in its purist form however I am now a convert.

I shall purchase an iPhone 13 pro. It really is very very good.


The RX100 photos are still a lot better

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