Where has this obsession with comparison come from ?

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Re: I like comparisons...

richj20 wrote:

... when I do them myself!

With lenses: People comparing this lens against that lens, don't always include examples of the two lenses. Often just quotes from testing sites referring to MFT charts and other technical stuff that I don't pay attention to.

And when examples are included, how can I know what the conditions were? Tripod used? If not, the test test isn't valid, as far as I'm concerned.

Cameras: I purchased a Panasonic GX8 for the DUAL IS to use with my long 100-400mm lens. That was an improvement over the GX7 I was using.

Soon I began seeing posts comparing the two cameras with respect to image quality and color: the newer camera was an improvement in both departments.

Strange, I thought: I had no complaints with the GX7. I didn't see any examples. I decided to compare for myself.

Image quality


(At least one person on the Forum has moved on to the GX9 for better color results.)

I continue to use both cameras: the GX7 with smaller lenses for everyday use, the GX8 with the larger lens.

Regarding your comments,

softmarmotte wrote:

Few people seem happy with what they have.

Count me as one of the few!

We see comparisons everywhere

That's fine: several have pointed out that it is human nature. No sense worrying about it!

- Richard

I'm not seeing a lot of difference at all between the GX8 and GX7.

Based on these pictures, if I owned a GX7 (I did for a little while) I would have concluded there was no need for me to upgrade to the GX8 as there was no improvement in image quality or colour. It would be money well saved.

Of course human nature being what it is...

Based on these pictures, had I already decided to upgrade to the GX8 I would be telling myself I made the right decision as the image quality and colour was so much improved over the GX7. It would be money well spent.

This of course is one of the reasons there is so much bickering on the forums!

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