Where has this obsession with comparison come from ?

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I like comparisons...

... when I do them myself!

With lenses: People comparing this lens against that lens, don't always include examples of the two lenses. Often just quotes from testing sites referring to MFT charts and other technical stuff that I don't pay attention to.

And when examples are included, how can I know what the conditions were? Tripod used? If not, the test test isn't valid, as far as I'm concerned.

Cameras: I purchased a Panasonic GX8 for the DUAL IS to use with my long 100-400mm lens. That was an improvement over the GX7 I was using.

Soon I began seeing posts comparing the two cameras with respect to image quality and color: the newer camera was an improvement in both departments.

Strange, I thought: I had no complaints with the GX7. I didn't see any examples. I decided to compare for myself.

Image quality


(At least one person on the Forum has moved on to the GX9 for better color results.)

I continue to use both cameras: the GX7 with smaller lenses for everyday use, the GX8 with the larger lens.

Regarding your comments,

softmarmotte wrote:

Few people seem happy with what they have.

Count me as one of the few!

We see comparisons everywhere

That's fine: several have pointed out that it is human nature. No sense worrying about it!

- Richard

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