Domke: canvas or nylon?

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Re: Domke: canvas or nylon?

The Grumpy Snapper wrote:

ahinesdesign wrote:

The Grumpy Snapper wrote:

An impressive amount of misinformation in such a short thread.

Care to elaborate on what part of this thread is misinformation?

I have two waxed RuggedWear bags. Neither has ever been "messy"

I have no personal experiences with Domkes waxed bags, but some (among them a couple of reviewers) has complained that the wax smears off onto hands and the clothes it rubs against in warm weather. Maybe it also depends in production inconsistencies. Some may have more waxing than others.

The only Velcro on a F-6 is inside to hold the inserts in place. Quite why you'd remove it to silence the bag I don't know.

I clearly remember that I cut out velcro closure from a Domke bag. If it wasn't the F-6, it must have been my F3X.

If the water absorption of regular canvas was an issue they wouldn't have been the pros bags of choice for all the decades. I treat my regular canvas bags with a waterproofing spray for canvas every year or so. Dirt and stains on canvas can be dealt with in the washing machine if your bag is a fashion accessory rather than a tool carrier.

From my personal experience with 3 Domke canvas bags (F-2, F-6 and F3x) they do get damp inside though not necessarily soaking wet when exposed to rain for prolonged time which happens ever so often in my country where it rains a lot. Even if the gear is unharmed and dry, the bag needs to be dried afterwards and the gear must be removed until the bag is completely dry. Leaving gear in a damp bag is a sure recipe for fungus attacks. Impregnating helps somewhat but it has to be redone at regular intervals. But as I have found a waterproof alternative (Billingham), I don't need to deal with that hassle. Billingham bags rely on a layer of butyl rubber (the same as used for bike tubes) between the outer fabric and the inner lining.

BTW, Billingham bags were originally intended and produced as bags for anglers. However, they became popular with some N.Y. photogs who removed the fishing specific inserts and replaced them with camera inserts from other brands. When Martin Billingham heard this, he decided to try his luck by changing the production to camera bags, and as we know, they are now sold to all parts of the world.

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