Where has this obsession with comparison come from ?

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Re: Coming from wanting the best gear

WongRQ wrote:

softmarmotte wrote:

Few people seem happy with what they have. We see comparisons everywhere

Comparing, sensors, lenses, weight, colours, IQ, sharpness, lastest... seems endemic

What are we hoping to do/achieve by constantly comparing one thing with another ?

and yes, like everyone I fall into the trap (sometimes)

So, calling all psychologists, anthropologists...or maybe we'll just end up comapring psyches

Who doesn't want to get the best gear with the budget they have?

Reviewers compare multiple products and conclude which is better/best, so that the buyer may choose the better piece of camera gear.

A buyer may decide to spend another 100USD for a better quality/sharper lens.

A buyer may see a high megapixel camera, but after renting it and comparing it with his current not-so-high-megapixel camera, he then realises that the differences aren't worth the $3000 due to the AA filter, saves the cash.

Many more examples.

You are citing the symptoms not the cause.

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