Where has this obsession with comparison come from ?

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Re: Where has this obsession with comparison come from ?

This site exists to help sell camera gear and one of the main areas of activity in the forums is people seeking information to helping with their purchasing decisions. In any market where you have competing products that serve the same function in similar ways it is perfectly normal and sensible to make comparisons between the products. How else am I to decide whether my upgrade should be to a Fujifilm XT-3, XT-4, XS-10 or Nikon Z5/6/7 or Sony A7iii or A7iiir or Canon R5 or any number of other options without doing comparisons?

Comparisons are at the heart of what this place is about.

Where the comparisons are not particularly useful - to me at least - is when they are steeped in tribal rivalries and hyperbole. Members can be quick to say lens X is terrible compared to lens Y, or body B is a massive improvement over body A or body C's autofocus is unusable when the differences in reality are much more minor and plenty of people would be perfectly happy with lens X on body C. But of course if you admit to finding lens X quite good someone will be along soon enough to criticise you for your opinion (but that is going off topic into the toxicity thread that is running at the moment).

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